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The board is lacking leadership. Each member is trying to set their own agenda and refuse to work as a team. Most of the problems the board faces could be solved with proper leadership, simple common sense, and adequate project management. 

In my years in the military and in the private sector, I have modeled a specific style of leadership that has been greatly beneficial to me, my soldiers, and my employees. Before you can be a leader, you must be able to work on a team where everyone contributes equally.


Having the courage to run for office in these turbulent times is something to be respected. If you are willing to throw your hat into the ring and you have the solution to our problems, I am more than willing to work with you. 

We should never let politics keep us from finding an answer to our problems. Common sense and nonpartisanship are the best way to approach problems. Never think about how it can benefit you, but how it can benefit others. 

As President Kennedy said, "Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer."


Elected officials need to be transparent to the citizens that put them in office. You should be able to know everything that is going on in your schools. Let’s get rid of the ridiculous number of controversial 'closed sessions' topics and put as much as we can out there for the public to see.

I will fight for you to have the access to what is going on. Important decisions should never be done in a backroom. Certain topics should be debated and documented in the open.

I also want to push to have an online tracker for public information requests (PIR) so that individuals can see where their request is and when to expect it.


My family moved to Round Rock because of the incredible school district in this area. My children have not only grown physically but intellectually. I am constantly amazed at what they are learning in our schools. But things are starting to go sideways. Teachers are leaving because they are not paid enough and feel as though they are not being represented. 

As your Trustee, I will find a way to work with Parents, Teachers, Students, Administration and my fellow Trustee's to address issues that are important to improve student outcomes.  

I am more than willing to help parents and schools with whatever they need for our kids. As the father of children with special needs, we need to expand on services provided for them. There is such great diversity of character and thought in our district, let's use it to expand our ability to help our children.


Like most parents, what happened in Uvalde shook me to my core. My soul ached for those children, and we must start utilizing our school district police force to prevent anything like that from happening here. 

We need to know that our kids are safe when we send them to school. Round Rock ISD Police Department should be protecting our children, not arresting parents at school board meetings. We pay the leadership of RRISD PD well over the average because we want them to be the absolute best to protect our kids. But hiring a new Chief and Assistant Chief took a backseat to lawsuits and researching Single Member Districts.

I want to see more interaction between the community and the RRISD Police Department. We need to have meetings where we can address our concerns and hear the plans that they want to put in place. 


Budget Problems

We are facing some significant financial issues in RRISD. Some of it is from multiple litigation cases, some from mismanagement, some from parents and homeowners fleeing the area. 

This board should not put any more expenditures on the table until they show an attempt to resolve the debt that got us where we are.

Before the board comes asking you for one more dollar, it needs to hire an independent audit agency to come in and go over their books to find where cuts can be made that will not seriously impact our kids, our staff, or programs. 



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